Private Training & Semi-Private Training

Private training is a one on one personal training session that last approximately 1 hour. During this the trainer will work with you specifically to reach your personal goals. Semi-private training is similar and includes additional chosen workout partners.

Group Training

An excellent way to achieve long term health & fitness success. These classes are designed to help you improve your fitness in a friendly, comfortable, non-intimidating setting. Classes are specifically designed for men or women and typically have between 6 – 12 people/class. Each class is 1 hour in length and includes an aerobic component and a strength training component.

Marlow's Movement

A 16-week fitness competition that combines group training, nutritional coaching and structured team support and rewards winning individuals and teams with a trip to Cancun!

Health Coaching

The health coaching program is a 6 month program that focuses on using holistic measures that help individuals improve their health and overall wellbeing. The client will meet with the health coach twice per month for 50 minutes. These appointments can be done in person or via telephone for those clients who are out of town.

Online Training Programs

This program is designed for individuals who would like to be given an exercise program that they can use at home or at a fitness center of their choice. This program requires a minimum commitment of three months.

Corporate Fitness Programs

With the increasing rise in healthcare costs there is a strong need in the corporate world to provide specific programs to help battle chronic disease. Many of the risk factors for chronic disease are lifestyle related and a well-structured wellness program could significantly reduce a company’s health related cost.

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