Marlow's Movement

Marlow’s Movement is a 16-week transformational fitness challenge that combines cardio and strength training with nutritional coaching & structured team support. Marlow's Movement has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people lose significant amounts of weight, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle tissue and strength. Additional benefits include improved energy levels, blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

Marlow's Movement begins January 2016 in Austin, Texas & Seattle, Washington.

Movement Details

Regimented exercise plan
Daily nutritional reporting
Weekly weigh ins & fitness reporting
MyFitnessPal & Fitbit technologies

Why It Works

Structured point-based competition
Individual & team accountability
Ongoing needs assessment & coaching
Accurate digital benchmark reporting


Three 5k & 10k run/walks
Three health & wellness webinars
Team videos & awards ceremony

2012 Winners

2013 Winners

2014 Winners

2015 Winners

Marlow's Difference

As soon as you step into Marlow’s Fitness, you’ll notice a difference. After building your strength and improving your health with Marlow’s support, more wonderful differences come to light.


Your Trainer - Marlow offers a different kind of coaching than what you may have seen from other trainers. He’s healthy and strong, but doesn’t dress as if he’s trying to become the top model at a fitness magazine. He’s approachable and a great listener. It’s a refreshing change of pace to work with a trainer who cares about you as a complete person and isn’t guided by his own ego.


Your Classmates - If you participate in any of Marlow’s group training events, you’ll benefit from your amazing classmates. Becoming a part of Marlow’s community means that you will be surrounded by others who are on the same journey towards total health. Whenever you have a rough day, you’ll be able to rely on the upbeat attitude of others. When you work with Marlow, you’re only competing against yourself so nothing gets in the way of true teamwork.


Your Health - When it comes to your long-term health, this is where you’ll see a profound difference. Marlow knows that everyone’s biology and psychology is unique and he wants to help make sure that the actions you take today will improve your life in years to come. It’s a process, not a quick fix. Cardio, strength training, nutrition and stress management are all integral pieces of your overall health. Take one of those away and you no longer have the wellness support you need. As a coach, Marlow supports all aspects of wellness. This sets you up for continued success.


Your Smile - You might not know it yet, but becoming strong and healthy is a lot of fun. Marlow will help you develop a wellness program that works for you. You’ll try a few things that might not be your cup of tea, but as you’ll hear from your classmates - you will definitely find your groove. Exercise is fun when your coach takes the time to understand you and kind of challenges will work best for you. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly catch yourself smiling a lot more!

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